So you have a business. You’ve had some branding done, yada, yada.
Your brand is plodding along? It could be flying. Brand Activation is a phrase we love because it pretty much nails what we do. Let’s activate your brand.


We’ll never refer you to a mindless promo catalogue. That’s not how we roll. Tell us what you need; from a subtle way to drum up business, to a way of uniting 100,000 people, we’ll let you in on the most engaging merch ideas going. Boom.

We all know promotional products (and the companies who sell them) have a bit of a reputation. Bulky catalogues, fake originality and poor quality. That’s just not us.

Before letting you in on amazing merch concepts and quality products, we want to know what you need to get done. Don’t think about merch, think big picture. Ask yourself "What am I trying to do?". Maybe the answer is I’m trying to remind customers

that my business is available more than once a year, or maybe it’s I want people to learn about what I do, while they’re having fun. Or what about I want my brand to look smart. Or tough. Or sexy. Or all three?

No problem.
Once we nail down the big picture, we can provide options ranging from mega creative to seriously practical. Now that is us.


With the support of Paykel Media, Maverick is a boutique (ohh-la-la!), high service agency. Sounds fancy, because it kinda is. It’s special because it allows us to deliver the goods like the big boys (and girls), but keep it personal too. Aww.

Our core competency is delivering tailored advertising plans. Big on personal service and attention to detail, all personally negotiated and delivered with great customer service. How good does that sound?

We’re the brains (and the beauty?) behind many successful campaigns, big and not so big. Let’s start something, and finish it with style.

Media Solutions offered:

  • Above the line traditional media buys – strategy & planning

  • Full media buying

  • Radio is a speciality of ours!

  • Connecting your digital strategy to your mainstream media

  • Media billing partnership only – financial transactions

  • Competitive analysis

  • Post campaign reporting

  • Creative advice and partnerships

Call or email us. We do everything else.
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  • And sharp as a tack!